Does Axkid have a vehicle fit list? 

Yes but this is specific to the European market.NZ vehicle models may slightly differ and you must check your vehicle manual. Alsonote on the fit list that it indicates positioning of rear facing child restraint on front vehicleseat is permissible in some vehicle makes and models. The majority of NZ vehicles haveactive airbags that are you unable to turn off. Never place a rear facing child restraint onthe front passenger seat where there is an active airbag.

If my car is not included in the vehicle fit list, can I still install an Axkid carseat inmy vehicle?

Axkid car seats are approved according to ECE R44/04 standard, whichis a universal approval. So, if the car seat fits your car, it's possible to use it.

Can my Minikid/Move install on isofix?

No, installation can only be done on anapproved three point seat belt.

Can my Minikid/Move be installed on a static lap belt? 

No, 2 point seatbelts arenot approved for installation.

How far out from the seat in the car, can I install my Minikid/Move?

You can installMinikid/Move with the heel outside the edge of the seat, there is a mark on the heel thatshows how far out you can install the car seat

How hard up against the seat can I install my Minikid or Move?

Axkid rear-facingcar seats can be placed as hard up as possible in the seat, if the child does not need anylegroom.

Can my Minikid/Move touch the front seat? 

Yes, they can lightly touch your frontvehicle seat (not heavily brace).

Can I install my car seat in the rear middle seat of my car? 

Yes, you can use theMinikid and Move on all seats with an approved three-point belt. Please check yourvehicle manual for compatibility.

Can I install my carseat when there is a transmission hump in the centre of therear foot well?

Yes, provided the vehicle allows for this. Please check your vehiclemanual.

How can I recline the angle of the car seat? 

All Axkid car seats have tilt functions inthe front. Try to use these first to get a better recline on the car seat. If this does not help,but you still need more angle, you will require an Axkid "Angle adjusting wedge".

Can I use a rolled up towel or pool noodle to adjust recline?

No, you must use the"Angle adjusting wedge". accessory.

Is it possible to get as much recline on Move as the Minikid? 

Yes. The lowest andhighest angle of Minikid should be the same as the two positions that Move has.

- How do I know that the angle is correct on my car seat?

A recommended angle forsmall children is about 30-35 degrees. A slight angle for larger children is between 5-15degrees. The "Compass" app in an iPhone has a built-in water pass that you canmeasure the angle with. The angle should always suit the child, which means their headshould not fall forward when the child falls asleep. The general recommendations saysthat the child should sit as upright as possible.

Should I always use the support leg when I install the Minikid or Move?

Yes, youmust always install the seat with the support leg. That's how the car seat is tested andapproved.

How much should the support leg lean when correct installed?

It is important thatyou check that the support leg is at an angle over 10° degrees from the back of the seat.You could check this by ensuring that the support leg is further away from the seat thanthe vertical line.

If my seatbelt buckle interferes with closing the lock off on the car seat can Itwist my seatbelt webbing to shorten?

No, we don’t recommend twisting of theseatbelt webbing. You would need to reposition the car seat further out, across or addthe angle adjusting wedge to raise the seat higher to avoid interference with lock off.

When I install my car seat, the lock offs are very difficult to get tight, should it belike that? 

Yes, it should be hard to put the lock off clips together. They are so hardbecause the three- point belt needs to be tightened as hard as possible due to safety.

If the lock off has become loose and does not tighten over the belt anymore,what should I do? 

Then you need to contact your retailer where you purchased your carseat.

ASIP, can this touch the vehicle door when installed on the car seat? 

Yes, theASIP is allowed to lightly touch your vehicle door but not heavily brace.

Multiple installation, if installing side by side or 3 across do all tethers requireindividual anchoring?

Yes, all tether straps must be individually attached to their ownindividual anchor strap/loop.

Can you install an Axkid car seat with an inflatable seat belt?

No, you cannot installan Axkid using an inflatable seat belt

 Do Axkid have any installation videos for the Minikid/Move? 


Can I start using the Minikid (0-25 kg) from birth? 

No, even though the seat is ratedfrom 0kg it is very important that the child is able to sit up unassisted and have goodhead control before using. Axkid recommends using a capsule until the child is able tosit for themselves.

Can I start using the Move (9-25 kg) before my child weighs 9kg? 

No, your childmust meet the 9kg entry limit to start using this seat and be able to sit up unassisted withgood head control.

When is the Minikid or Move outgrown? 

The rear-facing car seat is outgrown when the child weighs more than the car seat isapproved for, or when the tip of the child's ears reaches the top of the head rest. This isaround approximately 6 years old.

How tight should the harness be against the child's body? 

It should be so tight thatyou get maximum 2 fingers between the child's body and the harness.

For how long can I use the baby cushion?

You can installMinikid/Move with the heel outside the edge of the seat, there is a mark on the heel thatshows how far out you can install the car seat

What age is it appropriate for a child to sit rear facing?

The safest thing for the childis to travel rear-facing for as long as possible; At least to 4 years of age, but preferablylonger. It's 5 times safer to travel rear facing than forward facing for younger children.


Where can I find the manual for my Axkid product on your website? 

A manual asa PDF can be found on the product page for your product on the Clicksafe website. You can also visit the www.axkid.com.

Where can I find the manual for my car seat? 

Underneath the car seat.

What is the lifespan on my Axkid car seat? 

We recommend a lifespan of 8 yearsfrom date of purchase and start of use. It can therefore be in store for example 2 yearsand then used for 8 years. Plastic parts are more sensitive to differences intemperatures when installed in the car, but also because the tests are changingcontinuously.

Where do I see how old the car seat is?

Underneath the car seat, there are twoclocks that show year and month when the car seat was produced.

Can I take off the cover? 

Yes, you can. Please follow instructions outlined in yourmanual.

Can I wash the cover in machine? 

Yes, you can wash it on a 30 or 40-degreeprogram. Please follow instructions outlined in your manual.

How do I clean my harness straps on my Axkid? 

It is recommended to wipe themdown using a cloth, warm water and a non-perfumed mild detergent.

Can I buy more tether straps for my car seat?

Yes, you can buy tether straps from Clicksafe. 

If the car seat has been in a crash, big or small does it need to be replaced?

Wealways recommend replacing the car seat after any crash. Contact your insurancecompany to arrange replacement if covered.

Are Axkid accessories crash tested?

Yes, all our accessories have been crashedtested.

Both the Minikid and Move are Plus tested, what does this mean?

A plustested carseat ensures that your child is not exposed to life threatening high neck forcesin a frontal collision. The test is completed at a much higher speed than the regular ECER44/04 standard and at a much shorter braking distance. It also carefully measuresthe forces in crash test dummy’s neck with sensors. Which means that a forward-facingcar seat will not have any chance to pass the test because the neck forces are too high.

Warranty – what does this cover me for? 

Your Axkid car seat is covered by a 24month warranty from date of purchase. Ensure you save your receipt and bring it toyour place of purchase should you have any warranty issues. 

The warranty does notcover: 

- Normal wear and tear

- Damage due to incorrect use, neglect or accident 

- If repairs have been carried out by a third party

If I purchased my Axkid car seat outside of NZ is it covered by warranty in NZ ?

No, you must go back to the original retailer who you purchased your car seat throughoverseas for any warranty issues.