Infasecure Accomplish Plus
Infasecure Accomplish Plus

Infasecure Accomplish Plus

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The Infasecure Accomplish Plus provides an unparalleled level of comfort for larger toddlers and children.  Your child will travel in comfort and style right through their forward facing years. 

Active Bamboo™
Accomplish More features our Active Bamboo™ covers. Active Bamboo™ is a high performance, premium quality bamboo charcoal fabric. The gently woven yarn wicks away moisture, keeping your child cool and dry. It offers a soft, smooth surface ensuring your child travels in complete comfort.

Air Cocoon Technology™ (A.C.T) & Secur-air™
Secur-air™ works hand in hand with Air Cocoon Technology™ (A.C.T) to dramatically reduce crash energy to the child's head. Accomplish comes with A.C.T. as a standard feature, which alone reduces crash energy to the child more than five times lower than the level required by the 2013 Australian Standard. With the addition of Secur-air™, your restraint gains a third layer of protection for your child's head.

Twist & Lift™ and Recline
The Twist & Lift™ technology featured on Accomplish More allows for one-handed adjustment of the headrest and harness from the front of the restraint. This means no re-threading straps and no uninstalling, allowing for the perfect fit in seconds.

In addition, Accomplish also comes with pop-out cup holders, a fabric seat protector, and a free SafeGrip Belt Clamp.

The Gradual Recline system on Accomplish More is extremely easy to use. It allows unrestricted recline positions. This means it can be changed without removing the restraint from the vehicle.

After Sales Care
By purchasing Accomplish More and registering your warranty, you're automatically enrolled in our Priority Customer Program. Receive lifetime discounts on spare parts and covers, priority customer care and much, much more.


  • In-built harness use from 6-months to large 8-year-old
  • Features Active Bamboo™ – high performance, premium quality bamboo charcoal fabric
  • Twist & Lift™ - One-handed harness adjustment
  • Secur-air™ - Triple Layer Crash Protection
  • Air Cocoon Technology™ Plus (A.C.T.) integrated
  • Gradual Recline – unrestricted recline positions
  • Adjustable height harness buckle
  • Easy to remove covers
  • Plush comfort inserts
  • Two pop-out cup holders
  • Easy install belt path
  • SafeGrip Belt Clamp included
  • Vehicle seat protector includes
Product  Dimensions      
Depth 50cm
Width 49cm (Cover compressed)
Internal Width 37cm (Shoulder room)
Height 75cm headrest down / 85cm headrest up
Weight 9.67kg
Childs Height,
Weight, & Age
Harnessed Seat ONLY up to 8yrs approx
Lower Height Marker 29cm
Upper Height Marker 51cm

No weight restriction - height based only

Booster Does not convert to booster

Installation Method




Seat Belt System

3 point seatbelt or lap belt

Inbuilt Lock-offs


Top Tether


Safety Standard




Safety Features


Side Impact Protection


Air Cocoon Technology


Level Indicators



6 Point Harness

Extended Information


Expiry Date

10 Years from DOP

Airplane Approved


Washable Covers

Machine Washable - Follow Manufacturers Instructions

Manufacture Warranty

  • 12 month warranty for material and fabrics 
  • 2 year warranty for straps and webbing 
  • 5 year warranty for hardware and fittings 
  • 10 years on the manufacturing of the seat moulding